About Us


Global ICT Connections is a leading online trading platform for buying and selling Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment and services. We bring together buyers and sellers on a single platform, create high-value matches utilising our proprietary analytics, and help our international members transact in a simple, secure, and swift manner.

Designed and built by industry experts, our platform boasts a wide range of features that make online trading of ICT equipment and services more efficient and value-added for you. As a technology-driven, client- orientated organisation, GICT values feedback provided by its members and rolls out new features and upgrades regularly to offer a highly productive trading experience to its members.



Our sophisticated broadcast system saves you time by delivering the most relevant broadcasts right to your inbox. This offers great convenience to our members as they don’t have to login into our website to check the latest broadcasts.

You can categorize the ICT equipment you are selling into the right category without even logging into the website. Our system is detailed, logical, and highly adaptable, which means you do not have to broadcast laptops as computers, or workstations as servers. Just get in touch with us and we will help you to list your equipment in the right category. What’s more, you can also target certain members according to their country, location, and activity.


Our members always wanted to broadcast and send email campaigns under one roof, we made it happen; now you can design and send email campaigns to your own customers with or without including the platform members.

Start by creating or importing your customer emails list, design your campaign, enter your mail server details and the platform will deliver your email campaigns seamlessly. Your customers will not notice it came from anywhere else rather than your server. The system has built in tracking reports which will enable you to track who opened your email campaign and which link did they click or download.


In line with our policies, we always act on feedback. Our members expressed their need for an auction system which enables them to sell their equipment and services by auction.

The system enables you to sell your equipment and services via auction, where you the member decide to invite everyone to bid or selected members only, expect to find many features you are familiar with some of which include start price, reserve price, automatic bidding and much more.

The auction system is a part of the membership package you purchased, we do not charge any extra or keep a percentage of your sales revenue.


As a trader, it is your legal obligation to ensure that the international buyer or seller you are trading with is subject to VAT or risk having to pay the VAT yourself. To help you make smarter, risk-free trading decisions, we provide online VAT number verification services that help you determine if the VAT number provided by a trading partner is valid or not.

In addition, with currency convertor, you can easily determine how much the equipment you desire would cost you in your local currency, and then make the right purchasing decisions quickly.


As a pioneer online trading platform for buying and selling ICT equipment, GICT has an extensive business network comprising of leading international logistics suppliers. Leveraging on our professional relationships, we are able to provide our traders the most affordable pricing for dispatching ICT equipment all across the world. Whether you want to send a single parcel, ship a container, or need assistance with storage of goods, GICT has you covered.


Despite being one of the most feature-rich online trading platforms, we offer a range of affordable membership packages so that every business, regardless of its size, can benefit from our expertise. This makes GICT the most affordable B2B platform available for the trading of ICT equipment in the world – one that is highly secure, reliable, and adaptable to the needs of traders.