Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned herein highlight our services, community guidelines and other functions. In the document, “GICT” will be referred to in the following manners “Service”, “we”, “us”, “our”. The terms “Customer” and “User” refer to users of GICT’s services, either functioning individually or as part of an institution or business.

All users are urged to thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions. GICT reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions to reflect new services and policies. If changes are made all users will be informed and can view them here.

All changes in the Terms and Conditions are effective immediately.


Rules and Regulations – General

GICT’s services are only offered world wide. GICT reserves the right to change, withhold, or nullify any service, which is deemed obsolete. All details, particularly sensitive information that is shared to verify the credibility and identity of the user are private and not shared by GICT.

GICT reserves the right to limit its free trial offer in any country or location.

All users are advised to share details with discretion, especially when conducting transactions and payments with a third party. If misuse of private information has occurred, GICT will take action as seen fit and contact the concerned authorities based on the severity of the offense.


Requirement of Personal Information for Using GICT’s Platform

All users are requested to submit data that will be used for verification before you can use GICT’s services. This includes any personal information and relevant documentation to successfully confirm the identity and credibility of the business or the users.

Please note that providing improper information or failing our background check will mean that the user cannot access GICT’s platform or make use of our services.

Providing sensitive information is obligatory as it plays a huge role in ensuring the security on the GICT platform.

All registered users are automatically subscribed to GICT’s newsletter and thier logos can be used in any area of the platfrom. Subscribing allows you to stay updated with relevant news, new promotions, reminders as well as relevant information regarding GICT.


Inventories on GICT Platform

All businesses interested in maintaining an inventory on the GICT platform need to adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  1. We recommend updating the inventory being advertised at least once every 2 weeks.
  2. All items showcased in the inventory must be in stock.
  3. Out of stock items cannot be advertised and can be flagged as false advertising.
  4. The advertising user’s username and password are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to non-members under any circumstance.
  5. GICT holds the right to remove any inventory from its platform based on their failure to comply with the rules mentioned above.


Transactions and Other Operations

All transactions on the GICT platform are conducted based on the information submitted or defined by the customers. GICT is not responsible for problems that might arise due to the submission and usage of incorrect information that is contradictory to the information in our database.


The free trial offer, Trade Refrences and Invoices 

  1. We do not offer free trial outside of the EU US Canada and Australia and for any company that has been in trade for less than 7 years.
  2. On occasion if we  struggle to gather enough information about your company , we will need you to send us 4 trade references to establish your company trade track record, this should include Company name, contact name and number or email address.
  3. GICT offers subscription options for users. Payment of the subscription is based on pre-determined rates. GICT holds the right to make any changes in the amount as needed.
  4. All invoices are due and payable, 3 days from the date it is generated. Failure to pay will impact future transactions on the GICT platform.


Broadcast rules

To facilitate transactions on the GICT platform, users can make use of broadcast messages regarding their services and stock.

The following rules apply to successfully broadcast to other users:-

  1. Only specific WTB and WTS emails related to IT products and Services – GICT broadcasts are meant for specific WTB and WTS emails only. Users are advised to avoid using broadcasts for greetings, wishes or any other subject, which is not related to ICT products and services.
  2. Being Careful of Broadcast lists– Please send all broadcasts to the related list only. For example, do not send Server broadcasts through the PC broadcasts.
  3. GICT reserves the right to update or make any changes to lists as needed to enhance performance. To report any problems, please get in touch with us.
  4. We reserve the right to delete or promote any content or broadcasts on our platfrom on all our portals and social media.

Updates and Maintenance of GICT

GICT conducts maintenance and technical updates in order to provide users with the best possible trading experience. Prior to the scheduled maintenance or update, users will be notified in the form of an email notification as well as an announcement on the website.

During maintenance or updates, it is possible that user accounts and the website become partially or completely inaccessible. All users should avoid conducting any business transactions when a technical maintenance is scheduled. GICT cannot be held responsible for any damages, which might occur during technical maintenance.


Sanctions, Account Suspension and Terminations

GICT reserves the right to apply a sanction, suspend or terminate user accounts if they are in violation of the Trade Safe Code and the Terms and Conditions outlined. Complete suspension or termination can occur if:

  • The user has violated any condition in the Trade Safe Code or in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Submission of false information can cause termination of that account.
  • The user’s lack of cooperation or actions can prompt a termination when they are being investigated for a complaint.
  • Terminated account owners and or companies, will not receive any type of full or partial refund of the account membership fees paid to GICT.

Users can also partially suspend their own account on request. This suspension will continue until further notice has been provided to restore the account or a request has been made for a complete termination of the account.

Complete termination of the user’s account will only occur through proper verification of the user. Users can only request for termination of their own accounts. Termination of any user account will be considered final and complete.


Support Team– Duties

GICT has a dedicated team for support and maintenance of the GICT platform. The GICT support team performs the following duties:

  • Vetting of new users through verification.
  • Monitoring user activity of GICT’s services to enhance the user experience.
  • Ensuring conduct of proper transactions.
  • Handling any questions or queries.
  • Handling complaints.
  • Running an investigation for a complaint.
  • Acting as a mediator to help resolve an issue.

GICT’s support team cannot provide assistance if requests fall within the scope outlined below:

  • Providing advice regarding ICT market transactions.
  • Share details or personal information of other clients.
  • Answering queries that are not related to GICT.
  • Creating accounts on user’s demand instead of GICT system and guidelines.


Contact Us

GICT has a support team that all users can contact at any time. Help can be asked for through the Complaint form.

All complaints have to adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the Trade Safe Code in order to be properly processed. Incomplete complaint forms will not be entertained.

The Terms and Conditions outline here are applicable to GICT and all its users. These are up-to-date and current as of 01/2/2021