• chatGPT
    What and how many processors are used to power chatGPT

    For over 25 years, Nvidia has spearheaded advancements in computer graphics, earning a special place in the hearts of gamers worldwide. Dominating the graphics processing unit (GPU) market since the introduction of the GeForce 256 in 1999, Nvidia generated over $9 billion in revenue from gaming last year despite a recent downturn. However, Nvidi...

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  • GICT introduced selling by auction

    Selling equipment by auction has always appealed to a large number of our members; some members resort to eBay despite the high costs overall whilst others prefer to do it manually by sending a broadcast and asking members to submit bids, which although costs less creates a prolonged process of sifting through the bids, comparing them and finally m...

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  • GICT is dynamic and feature rich

    All The Functions, All The Time   The thing about trading platforms is you often find a great one that’s about 80% there or another one that’s about 60% right but you never find one that ticks every single box, every single time. Until now.   What sets Global ICT Connections (GICT) apart from absolutely everyone is that it is not absolu...

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  • Perfect Protection When You Need It Most

    When you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort locating exactly the right deal, the last thing you want is to come undone when it comes to VAT verification and dishonest traders. Without a thorough VAT number check you run the risk of becoming the victim of fraudulent transactions, sometimes known as ‘carousel fraud’. These types of accidenta...

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  • Do not Waste your Time On Inferior Platforms

    Time is a commodity and a commodity that not many of us can afford to squander or waste on the parts of your job that you find yourself wishing were a lot easier to perform. It’s not your lack of expertise holding you back but rather the software you’re using that’s causing the hold up. In an over saturated market standing out on the right li...

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  • Smart and Dynamic Mobile Application

    We are developing a dynamic flexible mobile app for android and apple based mobile devices, not only it will enable you to broadcast, and chat with other members but also get shipping quotes on the go ... You will love it.

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