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“During the first day of the free trial, I sent WTB request at 8am est. I had several stops on the way to my office, when I signed in at 10 am, I had 10-12 emails with storage equipment lots, already in my inbox. By the end of the day another 10 or so. After 24 hours I had well over 30 emails from companies who were selling storage equipment in one shape or form. Some of these were for PC drives and or sata drives and I’m sure those suppliers have regular drive buyers who pay more for them.. Almost 85% of the emails were from companies I had never heard of, and I have been in the used business for 30 years plus. We were able to send out 16 offers for equipment we had interest in. We won all 3 of the EMC packages we sent bids for, just over $20,000 of hardware in 3 different deals on 2 continents. If we have anywhere close to a 25%-win total for every 15 bids, GICT will double my business in the next 3 months. I have used services like GICT since the early 1990 from ACTN, Tradeloop, Brokerbin, Tech-Broker and others. We have not found $20,000 total from all of them in the last 5-year total, and they are all people and companies I already knew which might be a part of the problem. I am very much looking forward to using GICT to broadcast my in-house Inventory and I hope I get ½ the responses as our WTB demo, if we can add few customers and sell some Inventory as easily as we bought the equipment, the sky's the limit for us. Thank you again for the excellent service and your unique platform. I can’t wait to get you the 30-day update on the business it brings us! “

MD @ a large storage reseller company USA

"Over decades in this industry I have had the opportunity to work with a number of sites that allow members to post WTB & WTS types of requests. On occasion the site managers, would help me with administrative or technical issues. Never until working with Global ICT, have I had interactions where the site managers, were actively helping me succeed. They have posted, and reposted my product, and offered it on Social Media. Most importantly they have taken the initiative to make introductions, with new suppliers, and customers. And they follow up on our mutual progress. This was not a onetime effort, but multiple, and is ongoing. It is clear to me that the staff at Global ICT is as committed to my success as they are in garnering new members. My appreciation for their earnest support is garnered, whether it generates a nickel of new business. They have become a valued partner."

Neil Pieramico – Senior Sales @ Totaltr USA

"After using a number of B2B IT community platforms we are happy to endorse Global ICT connections. Most other platforms are an information point, linking the IT community together which is useful but always have a reactive flavor. What Global ICT connections offer is a Pro-Active platform in that once registered and vetted your company is actively recommended and suggested for business opportunities. Within a month of using the platform we had a call from the team at GICT with a sizeable opportunity they would like to put KOcycle forward for. This has led to further business opportunities and a new relationship with one of the country’s leading IT Resellers. All round a great service and definitely an investment we would recommend making."

Karl Neary – MD @ KOcycle UK

"Being in the I.T market since 1995, we have used many platforms and have seen many come and go, when we came to know about GICT, we thought here we go another platform and as usual we thought try it, it won’t harm us. Within few days felt GICT is not only a great platform to meet new traders, but they also facilitate a safe trading environment, which plays a crucial role in risk mitigation in procurement. We recently encountered an issue with a seller, and despite the fact the deal was not closed through GICT, we reached out to them as we found out the seller is also a member on their platform, Rees and the team from GICT were not only quick to respond, but also helped us solve the issue and retrieve the funds within a matter of days. We also enjoy the many features of the GICT website such as the auctions and the email sending tool. The email tool helps us to reach hundreds/thousands of sellers worldwide, which results in plenty of offers for us to choose from. To summarise: GICT is a great platform for all traders of IT equipment and we would recommend it wholeheartedly, not just for the good design and functions that lacks everywhere else , but mostly the helpful and responsive customer support."

Christopher Henke – Purchasing Manager @ bb-net media GmbH Germany

"Despite being established and in business for many years, when we joint Global ICT Connections, we were surprised with the new serious buyers we managed to find in different locations of the world. We highly recommend working with Global ICT Connections, they are always on the ball and ready to make additional efforts to help your business grow. Thank you, Global ICT Connections, for supporting our business!"

Almir Karamehmedović – MD @ Abag Group Netherlands

"Used many platforms for trading, it always required a lot of time and learning but GICT simplified the process greatly. I like its intuitive design and setup. Really love the email campaigns feature and looking forward to the auction system."

GSM distributor in USA

"We have been in the mobile phone trade for years and are a member of few trading platforms, which consider their job done after having a user sign up for their services. GICT is certainly different, with their help we have added many new buyers and suppliers to our list of traders. GICT always asking for feedback to develop new features that help their members connect and achieve their goals whether it is buying or selling. We are here to stay"

Imtiaz Ahmed - Protech Trading UK

"GICT is a real game changer; cheaper membership, more features, and very easy to use. Using them we managed to locate more trusted suppliers we did not know about before. The best platform I have ever used, I advise everyone to give it a try. It is not just another platform."

Jarno van Wel – MD @ Minpex Netherlands

"We joined on free trial membership, and no doubt will upgrade to paid membership, clearly GICT take their business seriously, they have helped us to integrate our stock database, which made management much easier and with a click of button we can broadcast any item we have in stock, features like this we did not see in any other platform."

Electronics exporter in Canada

"After evaluating what our objectives were, Global Ict Connections immediately arranged for direct introductions to be made to senior people in businesses that would be relevant to us achieving our objectives. The market intelligence GICT provided regarding the supply of global used laptop supply and demand saved us a lot of unnecessary expense ; despite being experienced in the business of importing and exporting used technology we found that their “desktop” research and people on the ground in most global major centers very helpful to us in mitigating risks in some unfamiliar terrain"

Adrian Burlo – Business Development @ Rent Works Asset Rental South Africa

"Once we have become aware of Global ICT connections, we have signed up for a free trial, and straight away we could see they stand out not only with their professional Customer service, customer-oriented features, and very fair annual price but also their global coverage which enabled us to get in touch with new buyers and suppliers which are vetted and safe to deal with. Within the first 10 days in our free trial, they added value to our business, and we had nice sizable orders from buyers we got to know from the platform, so we decided to switch to paid membership. We are very happy to be in contact with Rees and his team, we have never before experienced this experience on any other platform, so we recommend them to anyone who wants to get in touch with trusted buyers and sellers from all over."

Marc Immhoff – Sales Director @ Lyktek GmbH Germany

"Global ICT Connections and their services are a delight to anyone who has become frustrated with other platforms in the ICT industry which only get in when it is time for the renewal fees. Without asking them, not only they recommend us to buyers, but also recommend suppliers to us, it is like having another team for our company. If you want a platform that works for you, you are in the right place. I recommend their services because they are unique and different and they always stay touch. Global ICT Connections biggest asset is their community that is carefully vetted and held to the highest standards in the industry, the results of these guidelines in GICT are visible from the start."

Gurpreet Gudail – Sales Manager @ TechSi UK

"TES-AMM started to use Global Ict Connections few weeks ago, the results have been very encouraging, and we have been introduced to new clients and carried out good sizable deals. I am very happy with the results, and we recommend it to any company that in the business of penetrating new markets and want to get in touch with serious , good buyers."

Jean-Claude Cramley – Sales @ TES-AMM France - Italy

“Global ICT Connections offers a lot more than a just a membership to buy &sell products, it supplies you with a group of knowledgeable individuals who are there for you 24/7 for anything you need. After using this platform for less than 1 month I can straight away say that I had tangible/quantifiable results starting from day 1. Global ICT is constantly looking to implementing new tools to help its members, I 100% recommend being part of it!”

Estefania Mills – Development Manager@Apex Evolution UK

"We signed up for a free trial to check out the site and the functions, we were very pleased with the layout and functionality, and they also helped us with posting our stock to get us going. We tested the broadcasting feature to compare the response with other similar sites out there and I must say that the response was incredible. We also got a very in-depth guide from the team at Global ICT on how to best succeed with our post on their site. We can highly recommend Global ICT connections if you want to get new contacts that you have not heard of before which is not easy in our case as we have been in trade for over 10 years . Needless to say, we didn’t take a lot of time to decide to go with their paid membership model to get full functionality"

Carl Wigforss – Director @ Drig Netherlands

"We are with Global ICT Connections pretty much since it's conception. Great platform with great tools and a large database of buyers and sellers. We've tested quite a few of their competitors in the past and they don't come close to what Global ICT has to offer. And what's probably most important - they're extremely helpful with any issue you may have. You can be sure they won't leave you with a problem - they respond very quickly and will make sure the issue is resolved in no time. They added great value to our business. Glad to be working with them."

Piotr Kamiński – MD @ ZAR-KOM Poland

"Once upon a time, there was a seller behind the mountains, behind the woods (That was Poland). He had a network of contacts with which he was pleased. However, he was looking for new prospects, transactions and who knows what else. The internet helped him in his search and so he came across a portal which showed him how much time I lost on other portals ... Without conviction I joined the "next" WTB / WTS portal. And I do not regret it, despite previous experiences with participation... I will not advertise. Through GICT, I met not only great people (which I care about even at work), but also through this portal I made transactions for around a million euro in just 6 months. How can I modestly recommend ... I do it, and I am writing this because today one person asked me what it looks like there? Probably some of you receive my stock emails, by the way I use GICT technology to send them. Probably some of you know me through GICT. What else not to write here? I recommend it ?lol"

Jakub Wesołowski – Wholesale Manager @Pro-Syl Poland

"Renew IT have been proud members of GICT for two years now and have been blown away with the site’s platform features, support staff and the access to a wide range of new customers and suppliers. GICT has given us access to a network of customers in regions and countries we didn’t have access to in the past. Renew IT looks forward to our continual partnership with the team at GICT for many more years to come."

Aaron Blacklock – General manager @ Renew IT Group Australia

"GICT is not just a broadcasting platform it is so much more, simple to use and a great layout, the guys there really know what they are doing and are more than happy to help you with anything you need, it’s so nice to speak to someone who wants to help you and your business turning over some money, would highly recommend."

Chris Taylor – Managing Director @ Techsel Ltd UK

"Joining GICT resulted in our business growing massively, we got to know trustworthy verified suppliers for our Benelux market. Unlike other platforms we tried before the staff at GICT remain in touch and help us to source the equipment we need. In the past we used to always do small trial orders which impacted pricing, with the confidence and safety we have at GICT recommendations, we place higher quantity orders and save more money, we definitely recommend them."

Wouter Koppenhol – Purchase manager @ PWR-Trade Netherlands

"Thanks to Global ICT connections we´ve found new partners that can supply us with products that I couldn´t find elsewhere. Normally we´re quite reluctant with new suppliers, especially when they ask us for a pre-payment, but we feel much more assured because Global ICT Connections checks their partners for us. Also, I find the support from Global ICT easy to reach and very helpful."

Vandermeer Niels – Purchase manager @ AfB gemeinnützige GmbH Germany

"A great platform with experienced staff who for a change do not see their job as invoicing members only, Gict’s staff stay in touch, understand our business and what we trade in and always help to find buyer for our equipment. Their software is always up to date with new technologies, one of the elements we love using is automatic broadcasting, we send our stock newsletter to their server, and it broadcasts it automatically without us having to log in and do it manually. We recommend them to any company that wants a helping hand finding international verified and vetted I.T buyers and Suppliers.”

Fabian Golsner – Head of Sales @ Intercom IT GmbH Germany

"Global ICT is a great trading platform that’s well run and offers a professional community to do business in. When either broadcasting or advertising stock, we always get professional and qualified feedback from a lot of different community members. Easy going platform, a wide range of tools none like others, and a professional and dedicated community to back it all up - We would recommend GICT any day of the week”

Patrick Visholm – Sales manager @ ELITECOM APS Denmark

"Gict is an advanced, effective and personal I.T trading platfrom. They bring a good value to the table by putting us in touch with international, verified and serious buyers for the kit we have for sale.”

Amir Mohani – Business manager @ TechReset Canada

“The guys from GICT are very helpful and very knowledgeable, they understand the industry and tailored to cater for all companies in the I.T sector. The amount of help and advice we have been getting from those guys over the past couple of months are just amazing, you have a dedicated account manager who is ready to answer your questions and take the initiative to contact you for opportunities that will help your business without any extra financial gains for them apart from their very reasonable membership fees. An Interactive platfrom that links all your newsletters, social media advertising, and broadcasts all under one roof, simply awesome and looking forward to working with you guys for a very long time. Until you give it a try, you won’t know what you have been missing.”

Mohamed Nabil – CEO @ Computer Remarketing Services UAE| UK

"On behalf of the entire Atoutek team and in particular on behalf of its president Frederic Ochando, we would like to thank Global ICT connections for its support and management until the last moment of a commercial dispute with a supplier. Thanks to your support, we were able to find a favourable outcome and solve the dispute. We recommend GICT as a platfrom for not only finding new suppliers but also for maintaining a true safe trading environment."

Oussama Tebib – Purchasing Manager @ SAS ATOUTEK France

“The team behind GICT is always helpful and successful in getting us connected to new buyers, increase our turnover and making sure all this happening in a safe environment. Thanks to Rees, our onboarding process was quick & easy and soon after we closed a good deal with a client that comes from our own country but was new to us!! Looking forward to finding more buyers and being apart of a good trading community”

Oener Colak – CEO @ Pro-jex Business GmbH Germany

"I have been a member of Global ICT Connections for one year, they have out of the box, creative and excellent ways for marketing and helping their members to expand their business. they provided me good market intelligence which helped me avoid scams, they are always at hand with information and advice which helped me getting in touch with new suppliers. I also get more traction why I post in global ict connections than any other platform, I recommend them to one who do not want to just get contacted by the platfrom staff when it is that time of the year to renew the membership."

Abdul Wahab - CEO @ Scandictech Norway

"Having initially signed up for a free trial, we very quickly came to appreciate the many benefits of the platform and transitioned to a full membership to take advantage of it’s full functionality. We have found Rees and the team at Global ICT Connections not only knowledgeable but always looking at new ways to help their members. RDC started trading in 1991 and has formed many long-standing relationships over the years. The Global ICT Connections platform has helped us to continue to develop relationships with old and new friends alike."

Paul Bartlett - Head of Remarketing @ RDC UK

“Being in the I.T second hand market business for 26 years, we thought that nothing can improve this business pattern or produce more surprises. But after joining the elite and carefully selected trading community of global ict connections which gave us the fresh input of customers we were looking for; we are now certain we made the right decision. I would like to say, thank you to the constantly improving team behind this trade platform.”

Cristian BRATU – Export Manager @ All Birotic Devices Trade & Service Romania

“Well run with a team that is serious about helping members to close deals, and that is what a trade platform should be about.”

James Cook – Sales Executive @ Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services UK