Privacy Policy

GICT understands the need to provide our users with a safe and secure platform that upholds their privacy and security. To understand the storage, collection and usage of the information you share with us, please go through our privacy policy.


Compliance with the Policy

Continued usage of the GICT platform and its services entails you are in compliance with the terms outlined in our privacy policy.


Application of the Privacy Policy

The GICT privacy policy applies to all the information that has been submitted to us, willingly, by our users. Proper notification will be provided when your information is being utilised for the following purposes:

  1. Collection of private information
  2. Making use of private information
  3. Security measures that aid in protection of your personal information
  4. Corrections being made to any details being shared


Collection and Usage of Information

All the information provided to us is used to process requests, complaints and aid in the use of our services. Any information that is shared with GICT will be kept secure and will not be provided to third parties unless deemed necessary in the event of a complaint.We reserve the right to make use of the email address provided to contact you in certain situations. Users will also be signed up to our newsletter. Your email address may also be used for notification of changes made to the terms and conditions, Trade Safe Code or the privacy policy.


Request for Information

You can also reach out to GICT for any requests such as:

  • Access to the data that is stored, if there is any
  • Make amendments and corrections to the personal data that is shared with us
  • Request deletion of any or all data concerning you or your business


Measures for Data Security

All information, transactions and sensitive data is encrypted, secured and protected at all times. Through encryption, we can ensure that our platform is secure and you do not face any issues with sharing sensitive data on our platform.


Social Media Platforms

GICT can make use of social media platforms for communication and engagement. GICT may occasionally use social sharing buttons to advertise and share information relating to their services. GICT will never ask for personal or sensitive information through social media platforms and users wishing to discuss sensitive details are advised to contact us through the primary email and telephone that have been provided for them.


Shortened Links on Social Media

GICT may share web links for relevant pages on their social media platform accounts. By default some social media platforms shorten URLs (web addresses). Users are advised to take caution and good judgement before clicking any shortened URLs.


Updates and Changes

As our company grows, so do our services and products and GICT reserves the right to make amendments in the Privacy Policy, at any given time. These changes will be done to effectively reflect and represent the changes made. Notification will be provided in case any changes are being made to the Privacy Policy.


Sharing of Personal Information

Buyers and sellers are requested to be cautious and avoid sharing sensitive data.

Filing for complaints with GICT requires the usage of sensitive data as it is crucial to identify the accused party and initiate contact with them before any further actions can be entertained. In processing complaints, we will also rely on the information you have submitted to us in order to get in touch with you.


Usage of Cookies

GICT make use of cookies for statistical data. This is utilised to enhance the user experience of GICT. Cookies can be useful to identify repeat and new visitors, and aid in streamlining processes such as sign up and log-in forms and other information forms.


Sponsors and Advertisements

GICT reserves the right to feature content shared by our sponsors and advertisements which are carefully curated. It is understood that GICT is not liable for the quality of services, the practices that is utilized by these sites.


Usage of Links

From time to time, GICT might make use of external links to websites. GICT cannot be held liable for the quality or credibility of the services, content or practices that are offered and used on these sites. All users are advised to use external links on their own discretion.


Contact Us

For more information regarding the privacy policy or to report any incident, please contact us immediately.