Public Sector Clients

With Global Ict Connections your public sector business will position itself in exactly the right spot to find the service you’re looking for at a cost that fits well within your expectations. What’s more you’ll have choice, no more looking at a handful of below par options, with the Global ICT Connections (GICT) organisation you’ll have unbeatable access to the world’s stage.

It’s not just increased options and competitive pricing though, what gives GICT the edge is how seriously we take protecting our clients. You should never find yourself in a position where your business is exposed and in our organisation we guarantee just that, protection. All our members are fully vetted and feedback on their goods and services is always available. Our trained team is on hand to answer any of your questions and help clear up any worries you might have.

Ian is the I.T admin at a university, he needs to purchase some I.T equipment, and as usual, he finds it difficult and time-consuming to get 3 quotes before the university business manager can make a decision that suits their budget.

Channel is the business manager for a private hospital, where they are going to renew all their I.T equipment. She managed to find the new equipment at a good price however, it is slightly higher than her budget, and now she is looking to generate as much revenue as she can from the older equipment to fill the gap in her budget.

Imran is the I.T manager at a city council, he is facing a technical dilemma, some legacy digital signage display units has gone faulty, while others are still working, the best solution would be to replace the ones that went faulty with the same make and model, otherwise he will have to replace all units including the ones that are still working.

3 of them, have 2 things in common, LIMITED BUDGET, and the need to buy or sell ICT equipment or service.

We have it all covered at Global Ict connections where you can have access to ICT equipment and services at Trade Prices, supplied by companies with a proven track record

Of course with GICT it works the other way too. If you have redundant technology taking up vital space in your buildings and offices, don’t give them away for a fraction of what they’re worth list them on our platform and claim some of your budget back. Get them listed to be wiped clean of data and once that’s complete you’re ready to go. Our broadcast lists are detailed and smart. They give you access to approved buyers around the world and link you with potential leads in minutes. Taking control of how to dispose of your equipment and making money back has never been easier.

We can even help take the headache out of storage and delivery with our integrated logistics system, offering you deals you won’t see anywhere else.

Our platform was created by a team of professionals who worked in industries similar to yours and got fed up with how their needs were simply not being met. The GICT organisation was born out of a necessity for fair and transparent trading, for organizations on a variety of budgets and for reasonably priced membership and this is the final piece of great news for public sector organizations; you’re getting a great deal. Just take the time to compare the affordable cost of our membership with the huge savings you will achieve. Good news for you, good news for your budgets.