Campaign Reports


In this page not only, you view the history of your campaigns, but also you can track your audience interaction with your campaigns, you can find out who viewed your email shot, how many times they opened it and what links they clicked.

Campaign Reports tab

  1. Log into the platform using your username / email address and password.

  2. Hover over the” Tools” menu located in the top of the page.

  3. Click “Marketing Campaigns” then click “Campaigns Reports”.

  4. The system will produce you a table in which you can find the below information about every email you sent out:

  5. The “Subject” of the email shot.

  6. The “Date” when the email shot was sent.

  7. “Opens” How many times your email shot was opened.

  8. “Clicks” How many times the links inside your email shot has been clicked.

  9. You may click the blue button in the “Details” columns, to find out who opened your email, and clicked your links.