Create an email shot


  • This feature enables you to send email campaigns just like mailchimp.

  • Use our email server or enter the details of your email server either way your email shot will look like it came from your server without any reference to our platform.

  • Import your customers email addresses, create lists, design email shots, and send them to your customers list only or include the platform members as well.

  • You can generate a stock link of all or some of the stock you have uploaded to the platform and place it and in your campaign email body.

  • Not only track who opened your email shot but also what links did they click and how many times they clicked it.

Create Marketing Campaign

  1. Log into the platform using your username / email address and password.

  2. Hover over the” Tools” menu located in the top of the page.

  3. Click “Marketing Campaigns” then click “Send Email Shot”.

  4. Click the selection menu under “Send to” to choose the recipient/s of your email shot, you may choose to send it to all your uploaded email addresses, or to a particular list/s.

  5. Enter the subject for your email shot.

  6. Create the content of your email shot.

  7. Select “Also send to GICT members” If you would like to send this email shot to the platform members at the same time.

  8. Select “Generate Stock Link” to add any links of your stock in your email shot.

  9. Click “Send” to populate your emails shot.