Manage your stock


Once you have uploaded your stock, you can broadcast it for sale, find out what is your most viewed product and who is viewing it, and edit it in any way you want.

  1. Log into the platform using your username / email address and password.
  2. Hover over the” Stock” menu located in the top of the page.
  3. Click “My Stock”.
  4. If any of your stock has been viewed by other members, the system will generate you a section of your most viewed item.
  5. Following your most viewed items section, you will see grey bar which tells how the quantity of your uploaded titles, and you can also perform the below tasks from this bar:
  • Search your stock.

  • Bulk edit your stock.

  • Bulk delete your stock.

  • Add new stock item.

  • Change the view of the display between” Grid-List-Table” view

Below the Grey function tool bar, you will be able to view all your uploaded stock, when you hover over any of your products, a display over bar will appear where you can, broadcast this item for buying or selling, find out who has viewed your item, edit the details of this item, or remove this item.

Broadcast an item in your stock

  1. Hover over the item, click the broadcast icon.

  2. The system will autofill all the details, ready for you to click “Send

Editing your stock in bulk

  1. Click the bulk edit button, it is the second button in the grey function tool bar.

  2. Click “Download Stock sheet

  3. When you have finished editing your stock in the downloaded file, save the file and Click “Upload”.

Delete an item in your stock

  1. Hover over the item, click the red bin icon.
  2. Click “Delete” to confirm.

Delete some of your items in bulk

  1. Click the red bin bulk delete icon in the grey tools bar.
  2. Choose to delete by Main category, Sub category, or all your stock.

Connect your stock database to the platform

Contact our technical support and have our platform connected to your stock database, so you do not have to maintain your uploaded stock manually.