Send a broadcast

  1. Log into the platform using your username / email address and password.

  2. Hover over the broadcast’s menu located in the top of the page.

  3. Click “Send A Broadcast” to create a new broadcast.

  4. Fill in the broadcast details fields as follows:

  5. Select the “Type” field to indicate the purpose of your broadcast whether you want to sell or buy a product or a service.

  6. Select the “Main Category” for your broadcast for example  Computers-Laptops, Monitors-Tvs or others, a related subcategory field will appear.

  7. Select the “Sub Category” value which matches your broadcast, for example  Pc, Laptop, or others.

  8. Drag and drop or browse for an image you may have for what you are broadcasting, this is optional, if you leave it blank the system will use a generic image related to your chosen subcategory.

  9. Fill in the “Brand” of the equipment or the name of the service you are broadcasting.

  10. Fill in the “Model/Description” of the equipment you are broadcasting.

  11. Select the “Condition” of the equipment you are broadcasting.

  12. Fill in the “Quantity” of the equipment you are broadcasting.

  13. Fill in the “Price” of the equipment you are broadcasting.

  14. Select the “Currency” that suits you, bearing in mind the system will suggest your preferred trading currency set in your profile.

  15. Select “I Want To Receive Price Offers” if you do not want to set a price for what you are broadcasting and would rather receive offers. Soon we will release an auction system to help you maximising your profits.

  16. Click “Choose File” button if you would like to upload a stock breakdown sheet of the equipment you are broadcasting, this is a convenient option which saves time and effort sending the same sheet to every interested member when they request it.

  17. You may fill in a customised optional “Message” you want to send with your broadcast.

Who will receive your broadcast?

  1. Use My Default Outgoing Settings” is selected by default and it will send your broadcast according to the outgoing broadcast settings you have set in your account page.

  2. If you click “Use Custom One Of Settings” tab, you will be presented with many options which enable you not only to control who will receive your broadcast notification but also who may view it in the platform when they log in, any options you set in this tab will be applied to this broadcast only as a one-off setting.

  3. Send To Companies In My Favourite List Only” this option will send your broadcast to only to the members you added in your favourites list and no one else.

  4. Also Send To Companies In My Exclude List” allows you to send your broadcast to members who are in your exclude list as a one-off setting.

  5. Include Specific Companies Search” allows you to include specific members as a one-off setting.

  6. Exclude Specific Companies Search” enables you to exclude any member as a one-off setting.

Send a link of all your uploaded stock.

Click “Send a link of all my uploaded stock” if you would like to generate a link of all your stock uploaded in the platform and send it with your broadcast.