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Category MacBook
Title APPLE IMAC - MACBOOK - IPAD 06222021
Brand Apple
Model Macbooks Imac Ipads
Condition Graded
Quantity 871
Description Hello

Attached iMacs/MacBooks/iPads for sale.
we will close this lot Wednesday June 23rd @4:00PM CT. There will be no ac adapters for any devices on this list..
595-iPADS A1395/A1432/A1458/A1474
Grade A
***If the system is not new in box, the items will have only minor surface imperfections. These blemishes will be less than 3” long. Screens will not have any visible marks or flaws. ***

A’s: Minor case scratch (MCS), new in Box (NIB) - new in box (mint condition, no issues), new Open Box (NOB)

Grade B
B’s: Case scratch (CS), minor dent (MD), worn palm rest (PR), minor screen rub (MSR), no hard drive cover (NHDC), no hard drive caddy (NO,CADDY,) no HDD in stock (NHI), loose hinge (LH), hair line crack (HLC), small black spot (SBS), small white spot (SWS), broke latch (BL), worn case (WC), minor screen scratch (MSCRSCR), minor worn key (MWK), no optical, bad optical (BOPT), missing feet (MF), minor laser etching covered (MLEC), worn touch pad (WTP)

Grade C
C’s: Missing keys (MK), missing glass (MG), worn keys (WK), major dents (DTS), major case scratch (MJCS), cracked case (CC), broke hinge (BH), broke latch (BL) *on a tablet, curtain effect (CE), missing cover (MC), black spots (BS), white spots (WS), dead pixels, lines in the LCD (LLCD), bad caps (BCAPS), broken USB (BUSB), swollen caps (SCAPS), screen scratch (SS), screen rub (SR), dim display (DIMD), missing key board (MKB), heavily worn case (HWC), cracked glass (CG), chipped glass (CHG), bad NIC (BAD,NIC), laser etching covered (LEC), bad keyboard (BKB), cracked touchpad (CTP), heavy screen rub (HSR), depressed home button (DHB), shattered screen (SHATTERED), bad touch pad (BTP), screen bubble (SB), missing trim (MT), broken bezel (BB), bad DIMM slot (BAD DIMM), broken home button (BHB), broken headphone jack (BHJ)

Grade D
D’s: Bad system board (BSB), broken LCD (BLCD), incomplete system (ISYS), no display (ND), will not boot (WNB), will not power (WNP), no power supply (NPS), bios password protected (PWP), heavily damaged equipment (HDE), splash screen (SPR), will not connect (WNC), bad touch screen (BTS), factory reset protected (FRP), iCloud locked (ICL), bad battery (BAD,BATT) * on class TB/CP

NOTES: CompuTrace Active (CTA), Bad Battery (BAD,BATT), Good Battery (GOOD,BATT)