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Item Details

Category Various deals
Title Computers Laptops Tablets Smart phones game consoles
Model Ipad air Galaxy tab Surface pro
Condition Graded
Quantity 700
Description Attached is a Bid for Retail Product Returns (in 17 Lots) including:

(700) Apple & MS Computers/Tablets

(1050) Apple & Misc. Cell Phones

(225) Apple, Sony & Misc. Consumer Electronics

Due Thursday 4/1 at 5pm CST

The attached (multi-tab Excel workbook) list consists of assorted devices. These devices are customer returns. The devices have been tested for Power On/Off Only. No additional testing has been done. Devices marked “Faulty” did not power on. Details for each device are listed by line item on the attached file.

Bid Terms:
1. Bids are due by Thursday 4/1 at 5pm CST. Bid winners will be notified with 1 Business Day.
2. Each lot (Lot 1 to Lot 17) will be sold to the highest bidder of that respective Lot
3. Please Submit your bid on Column G by category.
4. Lots will ship from Georgia
5. Product is sold EXW. Buyer will be responsible for costs for shipping, export, duties and/or taxed (if applicable).
6. Winning bidder must pay for the awarded Lot(s) within (2) Business Days - wire or ACH only
7. Lot will be sold as-is, no warranty, no returns
8. The majority of the devices coded as 'FAULTY' do not power on
9. Since devices have not been inspected internally, some devices might not have original OEM parts
Good luck on your bid.