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Item Details

Category Laptop
Title Lenovo Laptops and Computers THINKPAD L460, T450 , Yoga 260 , THINKCENTRE M700
Brand Lenovo
Model THINKPAD L460, T450 , Yoga 260. THINKCENTRE M700
Condition Graded
Quantity 423
Description Attached is a Bid for (423) Lenovo Laptops & PCs with Target Pricing. Target pricing is only intended to provide information regarding prior bid winning prices but as always, the high bid will win (and the last five bids have all sold for more than Target pricing).

This bid is Due Thursday 11/12 at 5pm CST. Bids must be submitted in US Dollars.
You are welcome by bid by line item or by Lot.
These units will ship from Tewksbury, MA (USA). Buyer is responsible for all freight, or export costs. Weights and Dimension information on the palletized shipment will be communicated within (3) days after receipt of payment.
Additional information on configurations are located at the bottom of the Bid Summary sheet, other details including serial numbers are available on the second tab “DETAIL”. Please use the BID SUMMARY tab for bidding.
All units come with a 30 day our Depot Warranty.
All laptops come with AC adapters and are bulk-packed for palletized shipment. Missing AC adapters will be credit $5.
All units should be considered as B Grade units (typical corporate lease return, modest signs of wear, minor scratches, no scratches visible on screen when screen is on).
Terms are prepay; payment must be received within 3 days of award. Shipment will be made available within 3 days of receipt of payment.
Trade references are available – our team has been in the industry since 1981.