surface pro 3 - L460 L470 W541 M700 Y...

Item Details

Category Laptop
Title surface pro 3 - L460 L470 W541 M700 Yoga260 Graded models
Brand Lenovo Microsoft
Model surface pro 3 - L460 L470 W541 M700 Yoga260
Condition Graded
Quantity 631
Description Hello

Attached is an exclusive bid being offered by us on behalf of WWWS, a Global IT Service Provider. The Bid is for (631) Laptops, Tablets & PCs in (7) Lots/Countries.

Each Lot/Country will be awarded to the High Bidder. The Lot #s and Country (Totals) are Summarized Below:
1. Brazil (161)
2. China (73)
3. India (224)
4. Japan (42)
5. Taiwan (47)
6. Thailand (46)
7. Vietnam (38)

Due to the low volumes, severely reduced bids are expected on the Lots in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam – All bids/offers will be considered on these lots.
Target Pricing is provided however it is only intended as a reference (bids may be higher or lower than the indicated target pricing). As always, the high bid will win.
Please read closely the details before submitting bids (or questions):

• All bids must be submitted by Tuesday 9/21 at 5pm CST
• Bids must be submitted in US Dollars.
• Although the Lot bid for Each Country will win, please provide a Line Item Bid for the Lots of interest, (in case of variance).
• Please use the BID SUMMARY tab for bidding.
• Assume all units to be B Grade, meaning they are “Good-Tested-Lease Return Grade”. They will show modest signs of usage and wear from a corporate user, this includes scratches and blemishes, however no scratches on the screen will not be visible when turned on. Additional information including serial numbers is located on the Detail tab.
• All drives are wiped, COA’s are not removed but no operating system software is reloaded.
• All units priced over $75 have a 30-day warranty, all others have a 10-day audit warranty.
• Assume 75%+ will have AC adapters.
• Terms are prepay by Wire or ACH payment only; payment must be received within 3 days of award. Wire will be posted directly to WWWS.
• Shipment will be made available within 7 days of receipt of payment.
• Products are sold EXW with only the invoice and manifest provided to the buyer. All export documentation, freight, taxes or tariffs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. No credits will be issued for logistics or export related issues.
• our team has been in the industry since 1981.