Company Policy

Transparency, straight-talking and respect

When you are trading with people you have never met with face-to-face, it can be hard to work out if they are on the same page as you and to start building long-term relationships, built in mutual trust and respect. Our goal at GICT is to help you to foster these types of relationships and make sure you are comfortable dealing with every single member of our trader community when you are carrying out your transactions.

We promise to provide you with all the information you need to make informed, smart decisions about your trading partners, building up mutual trust between you and the platform.

Whether you are a large, global business or far smaller in size, whether you are trading vast amounts of ICT equipment or looking to sell a handful of used computers, we have you covered. Our platform can accommodate all types and all sizes of trader and indeed, we value the variety of buyers and sellers who make use of our services. In return for your custom, we promise to help you make high value trading matches that meet your exact specifications.

Expertise, thought leadership and vision

At GICT, we lead by our example. When you deal with us, you get honest, upfront leadership and the same goes for our members. Our guarantee is that all our members will be able to carry out their online transactions safely, complying with guidelines that will keep them secure and free from fraudulent transactions and traders.

We thrive on continually meeting your needs and improving what we do. Creating new and faster ways for you to carry out your business is our continual aim and solving any problems that may crop up provides our sense of purpose. We strive to accelerate our platform and its users towards a safer more profitable future.

Technological leadership, investment and scalable infrastructure

We do not sit still. It is rare that we stop to admire our platform; in fact, we are continually pushing ourselves to ensure that all our services are scalable and reliable all of the time. We promise an uptime of more than 99.9% and strive to continually deliver this promise.

Reinvesting our profits means we can bring you a better and better service, providing an even more impressive infrastructure and new depths to our technology that will increasingly make your job easier.