GICT introduced selling by auction

GICT introduced selling by auction

Selling equipment by auction has always appealed to a large number of our members; some members resort to eBay despite the high costs overall whilst others prefer to do it manually by sending a broadcast and asking members to submit bids, which although costs less creates a prolonged process of sifting through the bids, comparing them and finally making a decision on the Best Value.

It’s a process that streamlines the meeting of traders and saves our members invaluable time in allowing them to trade efficiently.

We have developed an integrated auction system which enables you to sell your equipment via auction, where you the member allows everyone to bid or selected traders only.

You will find many other features you are familiar with some of which include start price, reserve price and automatic bidding.

The auction system is a part of the membership package you purchased, we do not charge any extra or keep a percentage of your sales revenue.