GICT is dynamic and feature rich

GICT is dynamic and feature rich

All The Functions, All The Time


The thing about trading platforms is you often find a great one that’s about 80% there or another one that’s about 60% right but you never find one that ticks every single box, every single time. Until now.


What sets Global ICT Connections (GICT) apart from absolutely everyone is that it is not absolutely everyone, it is a platform so comprehensive, so instinctively in touch with your trading needs and so far removed from anything else out there, you won’t remember how you did your job before you started using it.


So what sets this trading platform from the competition? The answer: everything, but let’s take a look at a few specifics to start with.


 GICT Is Dynamic


By which we mean all the features from flexible and logical broadcast lists to an integrated shipping system and built in auction system respond to your needs. They are designed to fit around you and the way you work and not the other way around.


Zooming in on the incoming and outgoing broadcast settings feature, how many times have you found your inbox clogged with messages on products that simply don’t apply to you and consume your valuable time and bandwidth.


With GICT’s sophisticated filter system you will no longer have to put up with irrelevant time-consuming notifications, leaving you free to focus on what matters, buying and selling your stock and services in your time.


This filtering technology is far from being just simple add on however; it will revolutionize the way you do business. Looking for a specific trader or group of traders? Let the technology find them according to country, location and even activity, making your job instantly easier and your time so much more effectively spent.


GICT Is Hot On Logistics


Your name is your guarantee and the last thing you want is your goods to fall into the hands of a shipping company that can’t handle your deadlines. Neither do you want to pay the earth for deliveries and eat into your profits. That’s when you’ll be glad to have a company on your side who can leverage their professional networks to provide you with lower-cost transportation.


 From sea freight to storage, GICT is a company that runs on solving your ICT shipping problems.


GICT Is Fantastic Value For Money


Now for the part that really makes GICT stand out, value for money. You’ve paid a lot for platforms like this in the past and they’ve been, well, disappointing. The GICT guys know this because they’ve been there too and that’s why they’ve figured out a new way of working.


This platform is not a one-size-fits-all affair because your business is as unique as you are. There are a variety of packages and deals on offers and depending on what you’re looking for there’ll be one that fits your needs. The great thing is that this package will cost even less than the one you’re on right now but give you much more than you’d even expected. Come and join the GICT party and celebrate great service, great features and great value for money.