JP Doble [TES-AMM - Director] Running London Marathon for MenCap Charity

JP Doble [TES-AMM - Director] Running London Marathon for MenCap Charity

TES-AMM Director – JP Doble to run London Marathon for MenCap Charity - a charity fighting for equality for people with learning disabilities.

1. What initially inspired you to take on the challenge of the London Marathon?
JP: Always wanted to complete the London Marathon and when presented to run for charity I leaped at the opportunity! It's a bucket list item and running for a cause adds even more meaning to the whole experience.

2. How has TES-AMM's commitment to social responsibility fuelled your desire to support Mencap?
JP: Working at TES-AMM, a Disability Confident employer, has opened my eyes to the challenges faced by people with learning disabilities. Seeing their commitment to inclusion firsthand made supporting Mencap a natural choice. They're doing fantastic work to create a more equal world, and I'm proud to be a part of it, both through Tes and by running for them in this marathon.

3. What message do you hope to send by running the London Marathon for Mencap?
JP: By running the London Marathon for Mencap, I hope to raise awareness for their incredible work and inspire others to get involved, whether it's volunteering, donating, or even just spreading the word. Everyone deserves equal opportunities, and I hope this helps pave the way for a more inclusive world.

4. How can people follow your journey and support Mencap's cause?
JP: You can follow my journey on Tes Consumer Solutions' social media pages! We'll be sharing updates and behind-the-scenes content as I train for the marathon. And most importantly, you can support Mencap's amazing work by donating to my fundraising page here ( ). Any contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

5. What's your ultimate post-marathon reward you're looking forward to?
JP: A pint! After all that training, a celebratory drink (or two) feels well deserved.

6. Have you encountered any challenges in training for the marathon, and how did you did you overcome them?
JP: Balancing a fast-paced job, family, and training is the biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining focus and energy. Sticking to a strict training plan has been key, along with the incredible support from family, friends, and work colleagues. Knowing I'm running for such a worthy cause definitely helps me push through those tough training days.