Perfect Protection When You Need It Most

Perfect Protection When You Need It Most

When you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort locating exactly the right deal, the last thing you want is to come undone when it comes to VAT verification and dishonest traders.

Without a thorough VAT number check you run the risk of becoming the victim of fraudulent transactions, sometimes known as ‘carousel fraud’. These types of accidental criminal entanglements can become complex and create a great deal of extra time, hassle and paperwork for what should be a simple buying or selling process. While a necessity, the process of verifying the authenticity of VAT registration can be a long and drawn out one that takes time you really don’t have.

The good news is that with GICT’s VAT checking function, we take all the hard work out of it for you, leaving you with a safe and secure platform you can trade on in confidence. This frees up your time and provides you with the means to continue trading secure in the knowledge you’re dealing with legitimate companies.

Ordinarily you’d have to call a country-specific VAT helpline to check the status but this has the innate problem of only being able to check the company in the country you’re calling from and where you believe the company is registered. If you don’t have this information then verification is next to impossible.

The GICT website offers global trading and as such helps you find the global information you need quickly and easily. Using the VIES system available on the site, you can quickly and easily verify VAT registration in EU countries with just a few clicks. If you run up against invalid numbers or have any queries GICT also offers an extensive list of contacts in the EU that you can email for further information, saving you time, money and worry.

Unscrupulous dealers seem to crop up everywhere but on the GICT platform creating an honest and transparent process is at the heart of every transaction. To protect both buyers and sellers, there is a membership vetting process that has to take place. Thorough? Maybe, but it’s this process that provides you access to members from all over the world who have each been checked and verified by our team.

To cement their verification, feedback on all transactions is available for you to find the perfect trading match. The team also has a vigorous complaints policy that it takes very seriously and which carries serious consequences should trading rules be breached.

A Trade Safe Code is in place to protect everyone using the platform and make sure that all transactions are safe and secure.

Protecting your business and your reputation is as important to GICT as it is to you. Too often inexperienced and even the more experienced trader can fall foul of a scam, so sophisticated are the dishonest methods. To avoid falling prey to this kind of activity simply put your safety in the hands of a platform you can trust.